Writing can be a long, lonely road. Don't go it alone.

Jacy Morris:

Writing Coach

Get the help you need to attain your writing dreams.

What does a writing coach do?

Goal Setting

I'll work with you to determine the path you want your writing career to take, be it self-publishing or more traditional publishing.


Most writers ignore the marketing aspect of their writing career. I can walk you through the process of getting your books into the hands of readers.


I will help you with your work in progress, giving you feedback on how to improve your story, while also letting you know what you are doing well.

Resource Location

I can help you find the cheap, reliable resources you need to take your career to the next level. Your success is my success!

The Process

Once you've signed up for my coaching services, I'll arrange a meeting with you. I currently offer online services only. In our initial meeting, we'll work to get to know each other and define your career goals. Where we go from there is up to you!

Initial Meeting -$25

If we continue...

If we decide to continue based on our initial meeting, we'll meet again. During subsequent meetings, I can read your work in progress, provide feedback, and provide advice and guidance on how to increase exposure and sales.

$ 50 per hour

Carlos Rivera (Author of White Harbor)

I can't thank Jacy enough for what he's done for me. He's been supportive and personable, and even when, as a new writer you might think your dreams and plans might sound silly or unachievable, Jacy takes them seriously, and moves you in the direction of making them a reality.

Aquino Loayza (Author of Deep)

Jacy worked with me on my short story Neighborly. Together we were able to take a good story and make it great. He found a way to make even the most mundane sentences magical. He immediately understood the tone and themes I was going for and curated his suggestions with that in mind to perfection. I liked this story before we worked together, now I love it and thats because of Jacy’s steady, guiding hand.

Happy Authors!


Cat Voleur (Author of REVENGE ARC)

After working with Jacy Morris, I found I was better organized and more able to clearly visualize my writing goals. Having a coach who knows the ins and outs of the industry helped me find a path forward with my career and feel less aimless.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about my services, please feel free to email me.